pretty guardiansailor moon

Azabu Juban, a district where the story of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” takes place, is recreated in 1:80 scale inside SMALL WORLDS TOKYO in Ariake, Tokyo!

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a Japanese manga series that appeared in girls’ popular comic magazine Nakayoshi from 1991 to 1997. The story is set in Azabu Juban, a lively district in Tokyo where, during the day, its protagonist Usagi Tsukino and other characters live happily. Yet once it gets dark and the moon full, things change. In the moonlight, Usagi and other girls transform into Sailor Guardians to battle against villains. Over the streets you can see “Crystal Tokyo”, a future city of the 30th century depicted in the series.

points of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” area

Secret Base

Sailor Guardians gather at this secret base under the game center Crown.

Embassy of Country D

If you take a peek at the masked ball held in the Embassy of Country D, you can feel like you are also participating in it.

Hikawa Shrine

A reproduction of Hikawa Shrine where Rei-chan lives! Pay attention to the detailed construction of the precincts and premises.

Usagi-chan’s Home

At a certain time, you can take a look inside of Usagi-chan’s room.

Streets of Azabu Juban

You may find that character hiding in Azabu Juban?!

In front of Tohryu

A popular Chinese restaurant located in Azabu Juban.

Game Center Crown

A game center that Usagi-chan and her friends often go to.


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