kansai international airport

In “Kansai International Airport” Area, we have successfully breathed life into a miniature airport modeled on Kansai International Airport, Osaka.

All the excitement you expect at airport awaits you here:
aircrafts taking off and landing differently according to model type, or when they taxi along guide lights to reach the gates. Make sure you stay here long enough—in 10 minutes it turns into “evening time” to display its stunning night view.

points of “Kansai International Airport” area

Terminal 1

Here you can learn the story of each traveler.

Baggage Claim

You may find something unexpected among the baggage.

Boarding Gates

The planes get connected to the boarding gates. The continuous arrivals and departures are also a must-see.

Flight Information Board

Enjoy the real atmosphere of the airport with the airport announcements.

Maintenance Technicians

There are lots of staff supporting the airport operations who also deserve attention.

Night View of the Airport and Kobe

Enjoy the beautiful night view of Kobe and Kansai International Airport.


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