global village

“Global Village” Area takes you to five fantastic yet realistic countries of Asia and Europe, from the 1900s of the Industrial Revolution era.

You’ll witness the stunning unique community of steampunk and fantasy, where each country is organically connected with each other, coexisting with imaginary creatures. You’ll see “reality” like workers in coal mines, and “fantasy” like villages living in harmony with dragons, libraries housing every wisdom of the whole world. Experience the miraculous world tour and feel the diverse weather, people and everyday incidents on streets.

points of “Global Village” area

Snow Mine Peaks City

Observe the life of a beautiful country surrounded by snowy mountains.

Underground Vein

A vein of Jigromite that gives out electricity if you strike it. This Jigromite mineral is actually…

Snow Vehicles

Follow the race of snow vehicles that actually move.

Dragon Village

A village in the east of Dragon Forest known for taming dragons.

Wall Sanctuary City

Here you can see beautiful town streets framed by white walls. In the middle lies the cathedral where people mourn for dragons.

Wall Sanctuary Resort

How about relaxing like a tourist by the beautiful sea?

Assembly Hall of the Royal Capital

You will be captivated by the dynamic elevated railroad crossing and assembly hall, the main symbol of the city.


Watch the nobles waving from the airship and people who are about to come aboard.

Ferris Wheel

Take a look at the moving Ferris wheel. It looks different during the day and night.

Zhenshimen City

Enjoy the activities in Zhenshimen changing after the night falls.


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