Tokyo's New Sports and Cultural Complex
Ariake Arena

Ariake Arena, a 12-minute walk from Small Worlds, is filled with excitement as artists and sporting events are held there every week. A miniature diorama recreates this atmosphere. Visitors to the Ariake Arena can enter at a special rate by presenting a ticket to an event held during the month before or after the event at the Small Worlds counter and get a figure made at a discounted rate.

Ariake Arena Highlights

Main Arena

Enjoy the spectacular view of the audience filling the seats. Although the audience is tiny (1/150), you can feel the atmosphere of the main arena as each person poses with his or her hands raised.

Sub Arena

By pressing the gimmick button, the roof of the sub-arena opens and 1/35 scale figures appear with music and lighting. Enjoy the realistic atmosphere of the artists and sports teams exhibited at different times of the year.

Main Arena (Stage View)

A very small 1/150 scale figure raises its hand, giving a very realistic impression.

Ariake Arena ( Overall view )

This photo was taken from an angle close to the actual Ariake Arena. The miniature diorama is most impressive when photographed from below.


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