Creators Gallery

Exhibiting artworks (and selling some of them) by leading Japanese miniature artists

This is an exhibition and sales area in collaboration with “Sakatsu Gallery” and “Dollhouse Gallery Misceal” in Tokyo. You can enjoy the world of miniature works of various categories and the skills of master artists. Featured in TV programs, department stores, museums, etc., the exhibition has gained high reputation and a wide range of fan bases.

Creator's Gallery Highlights

"Aroma Shop NJE LIFE” by Ms. Mikako Nishi.

Dollhouse “Mini Chuboan” by Kawai faimily.

“A certain mountain railroad” by Mr. Ishikawa.

"Our Fun Home" by Ms. Yayoi Motoi. A video of her daughters' childhood is shown on the TV.

"Pinocchio” by Mr. BamBi.


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