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What is Diaclone?

In 1980, TOMY COMPANY,LTD. launched an original character science fiction toy series. The name of the series, “Diaclone,” was created with the meaning of “strong friendship and solidarity like diamonds, and friends as powerful as cyclones. The first product was a 1/60 scale (approx. 3 cm) figure of a “Diaclone Member” and a group of items such as robots, bases, and vehicles of the same scale that the Diaclone Member rides in. The “Car Robot” series, which transformed into a robot, was developed as the “Real & Robot” series. The “Diaclone” series is also known as the series that produced many of the items that later formed the core of the transformable robot character “Transformers,” as it is packed with popular elements such as transformable combined robot play, figure play, diorama-like base play, and more.
In 2016, the series was rebooted as a toy series for adults, and is now being developed as an imaginative toy for adults that allows them to play seriously and freely build their own world with the 1/60 scale figures and mecha items at its core.

Diaclone Exhibit

Diaclone series of Diaclone in various shapes and sizes are exhibited.

Diaclone Residents' Right

A 1/60 scale figure created by taking a 3D photo of themselves in costume or normal clothes will be installed in the diorama (Diaclone Residents' Rights).

Displayed in the Diaclone area

Image of the installation of the figure

Diaclone Exhibit

Gale Versalter, a land-attack tactical mover specialized for ultra high-speed movement.


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