nightlife in japan

"Nightlife in Japan" where you can enjoy night views of various regions of Japan while having a meal or taking a break at a café.

A space where visitors can view various nightscapes of Japan while enjoying food and drinks has been created in the Museum Café on the second floor, where the ceiling is illuminated. The diorama depicts timeless Japanese original landscapes, including factory areas, fishing villages, expansive terraced rice paddies, fantastic limestone caves, and castles. Japanese landscapes of the four seasons, cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, are all condensed into one scene. By poking your head out of the hole in the center of the diorama, you can look around 360 degrees and experience the strange sensation of being in the viewpoint of a bird in flight.

points of “Nightlife in Japan” area

Photo Spot

Please enjoy the scenery that can be seen from the hole in the center of the building.

Four Seasons in Japan

The original Japanese landscape in miniature, with its cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.

Two Castles

Enjoy the illuminated Japanese castles.

Factory Zone

When the factory area is lit up at night, its exquisiteness comes to life even more vividly.


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