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Golden Week and May, 2023 for Families & Couples Fun! Program

Schedule: Event period: May 31st (Wed.)

“Koukun® Day (May 9th)” event at the SMALL WORLDS Miniature Museum will be held!- “Guests are captivated by the Sopplin! which is a cute character!”

In collaboration with official partner, PRIMA MEAT PACKERS, LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Prima Ham), we will hold Koukun® Day event from April 29th to May 31st, 2023. The program details are as follows. It’s packed with the charm of “Arabiki Alien Sopplin” and Koukun®

Benefit 1:
For those who bring a used package of Koukun® Arabiki Pork, you can participate in the following programs for free.

  • Sopplin Workshop (usually 1 time for every 3 packages)
  • Ring Toss or Bowling at the Sopplin Square (usually 1 time for each package)
  • Sopplin Goods Gacha Coin gift (1 coin for each package)
    * Large bag packages count as 3 regular packages

Benefit 2:
Enjoy the program and have a chance to get delicious and delightful presents!

  • Koukun® Arabiki Pork Sausage tasting voucher
  • Exclusive Sopplin goods (new items are scheduled to appear!)
    * Depends on the program

Special offers for families and couples

  • Kids (11 and under) can enjoy the “Wakuwaku Kids Plate” for half price (400 yen, including tax) at the Museum Café in the 2nd floor.
  • Adult pair ticket (2 people for ¥4,500, with a ¥1,000 coupon for use within the facility)
    * Available for purchase at Lawson Ticket

Diorama of famous scenes from the manga “Arabiki Alien Sopplin Invasion”!

The scene where Sopplin tries to captivate Earthlings with Koukun® is now in 3D! If you read the manga, you can enjoy it even more!

Find the hidden Sopplin in the Miniature Museum! (Free)

Sopplin aliens are lurking in the museum, trying to mesmerize Earthlings…! Those who complete the discovery mission can participate in a raffle to win wonderful prizes.

  • Win residency rights, Sopplin merchandise, and delicious prizes in the raffle!
  • All participants will receive a Koukun® Arabiki Pork tasting voucher!

Sopplin Keychain Making Workshop (1,000 yen per person) ※Only on weekends and holidays

Choose your favorite color and challenge yourself to create an original keychain. Suitable for young children as well.


Only on weekends and holidays


All participants will receive a Koukun® Arabiki Pork tasting voucher!

Play at Sopplin Square! * Only on weekends and holidays

Why not enjoy launching Sopplin origami airplanes in a spacious space? Participation is free for everyone. You can also try ring toss and bowling (extra charges apply).
Additionally, May 5th (Children’s Day) is your chance to meet Sopplin!

  • In ring toss and bowling, win Sopplin merchandise and other prizes for high scores!
  • All participants will receive a Koukun® Arabiki Pork tasting voucher!

Enjoy the limited-time Koukun® menu at the museum cafe

1. Koukun® Arabiki Pork-filled Bread Stew
2. Koukun® Arabiki Pork Wiener Platter


For all customers who order a Koukun® Arabiki Pork eligible menu at the cafe, receive a gacha coin for Sopplin original goods!

Sopplin Video Photo Spot

At the 2nd-floor cafe, cute Sopplin appears on the screen! Take a photo during your break and take the memories home with you.

A Koukun® Rocket flies in the Space Center Area, and a Koukun® airplane flies in the Kansai International Airport Area!

Don’t miss it!


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